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The Romance Between Black, White, and Red

Occassionally allowing for other colors.

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Edit to include shiny banner won in my first fanfic challenge!

Prowl/Starscream are hot!

I've wanted to do something for my eensie-weensie Prowl/Starscream fetish. I was planning on presenting it in Star Crossed first, but Vice Commanders rolled off my fingers in response to Mecha_Erotica's January 'Firsts' Challenge. vejiraziel provided this banner. It makes Okami happy.

This is a mixture of both personal snapshots and fanfiction writings. One day, when I return to it, I might post snippets from my original fiction. Big maybe. With few exceptions, the stories I post here should be considered a rough draft, particularly if they don't appear anywhere else. Then don't be surprised if you see the stories again, revised a little, possibly grouped differently, if it's a multi-part.

I don't update my fics as much as I like, but real life has reared its ugly head.

I write what I want when the inspiration strikes. Just because I haven't touched something for a while doesn't mean that I've forgotten it. It just means it's stewing.

I am always open to criticism, whether on my grammar, characterization, what have you, and appreciate anything anyone might have to say.

Friending: Feel free to friend me, quite likely I'll turn around and friend you right back.

randomness: It's a Gundam! We need Voltron! Deathscythe I choose you! Digivolve to Deathscythe Hell! Troopers, transform and roll out!
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